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CanAm Rules

1 Team Composition:
1.1  2 drivers per car. However, if only one driver shows up, they may race solo.
1.2  On two driver teams, no single driver may race more than half of the time.
1.3  Driver changes must occur during a rotation, not during actual racing.

2     Cars:

2.1 Cars (body) must be used through out the series.
2.2 If a car is unrepairable during an event a substitute car may be used with a 2 point   reduction at the end of the race. The 2 points will come off the total points earned in the series.
2.2  If a different car is used, all points will be lost by the team. 
2.3  Cars must follow traditional guidelines such as:
  Wheels must be inside the widest part of the chassis.
  Cars may have fantasy liveries but must resemble a real car.
  Cars must have wings, mirrors, etc., as per a real car.
  Magnets for traction are not allowed.
  No tire compound or liquids are allowed on tracks.
2.4  Cars must be manufactured and have the original plastic chassis.
2.5  Chassis may be modified such as adding weight, sanding or straightening.
2.6  Tires, wheels, gears, axles, guide, wiring may be replaced with aftermarket parts.
2.7  Motors may be replaced with aftermarket parts.
 2.7.1  Motors must not be opened or tampered with in any way. Disqualification will result.
3     Controllers:

3.1  Personal controllers may be used at any event.
3.2  Each event must supply suitable alternate controllers for any racer requiring one. 
3.3  Controllers requiring batteries or other power for brakes etc., are not allowed.
3.4  Controllers that provide an "unfair" advantage will be deemed not suitable. 

4     Race:

4.1  Minumum race duration will be 2 hours.

4.2  Maximum race duration will be 4 hours.
4.3  Each driver must be on track racing for at least 40% of the race.
4.4  Heat length will be determined and published by each host track.
4.5  Timing will be done electronically as per the host track software.

5  Repairs and Technical

5.1  Cars will be impounded between heats.
5.2  All work, other than tire cleaning, will be done in real time during a heat.
5.3  Mirrors or exhausts are not required to be fixed during a race.
5.4  Wings are to be replaced during a race.