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I got back into slot racing about 5 years ago. Once I saw the detailed cars, I again fell in love with this great hobby.

At that time I convinced a friend of mine to get into it as well and over the past 5 years we have been involved in creating and growing SRO into a slot racing club.  In that time I have had the pleasure of meeting new racers, who in turn became friends. These guys came to my house to race and I in turn went to theirs. However, times change. We went from zero members at one time, to 10 at our peak and now we are back to just us.

We are serious about rebuilding the club and racing on a weekly basis.

The crux of the matter is these are still toy cars. We race for the competition, not to cause issues. If you want to race and keep it that way then I hope you will turn up on Thursday evenings after 6:30 to meet us at Racehaven Hobbies in Brampton.

We would race out of my track in the garage, but it is getting cold and Racehaven is a much warmer spot.
10:56 AM (UTC -4)
The Club

We are looking for new members. The primary requirement to be a member of SRO, is to have a large sense of HUMOUR.
We race competitively but like to banter and yes...swear. If this offends you, or if your very very serious about racing, then we are not the club for you. We have some great members and the atmosphere and rules are somewhat relaxed.
We race scale 1/32nd cars in the following series:
ALMS - Open mods basically
F1- Open mods basically
GT- Open mods basically
Vintage (Chevron by GB Track mainly) - no mods except tires
DTM or Touring cars....- Open mods basically
CanAm Vanquish mods except tires
Monogram Vintage - no mods
Vintage Indy coming soon - no mods

Anyway...we operate in the GTA in the West end with 4 tracks, 2 in Oakville, 1 in Milton, and 1 in Brampton.
10:56 AM (UTC -4)
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