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Well it was another brilliant night of racing in the garage where it all began, home of the Glen, previously the Snake and soon to be converted into an air conditioned bedroom for the aged. Action was hot and heavy in LMP2 and LMP1 classes. Racing was a bit marred by technical issues due to humidity but that was overcome and all went well. Swearing and chanting of marshalls names filled the air with joyous echoes throughout the neighbourhood.

When the dust settled Scott won LMP2 in a car technically legal, but created to piss the rest of us who didn't think of it first, off. Ron and Marek tied for laps in 2nd followed by Art, Al and Ashley.

LMP 1  saw the debute of Art's new Porsche entry on big wheels. All for not as Ron's Mosler ran away with the class. Al and Marek tied for 2nd, but the faster lap went to Al's Mosler though the Dallara was game. Art followed then Scott and Ashley. Ashley is proud of maintaining his steep learning curve. 

Next week should be interesting as a number of members are away on holidays. The remaining group plan on running all classes twice to make up some points.

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