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"Go Fast or Go Home"

Technical Tip # 1

In this section, now and in the future, I intend to assist would-be racers and slot car afficianados with technical bon-mots from the edge.

Slot Car Motor Break In

There are many schools of thought regarding how to break in an electrical motor. I have tested some and found them wanting, so using scientific methods studied at the Chernobyl Institute of Small Electrical Motor Repair and Donut Shop (the 10 best years of my life), I have developed a technique that works for me. Please understand however, that these procedures are done by professionals using tools that are not to be used while driving a bus or whilst you are pregnant, or whilst, don't you love that word???...whilst driving a bus while being pregnant...or smoking.
So, I had these initial thoughts while trying to get ready to race in the Raceworld 1/32 ALMS series. I bought 10 NSR motors, a wetsuit, vaseline (more about that later), 3 rolls of duct tape, 1 Honda car battery, 3 maids a milking...what?..oh and 2 clothes pins.
Off I went to my fitness club. Doning the wetsuit that I bought from Costco, by the way it was really really big and cost 200 dollars, I proceeded to connect all of the motors using duct tape, wire, cheesecloth and a dirty diaper. All was good. Now, into the hot tub I went, clutching the motors. I realised once I was underwater, that it was really hot in there. Whew! I now grabbed the car battery and connected all of the motors and plunged them in the wait...I didn't do it yet. I forgot to turn on the hot out I climbed, turned on the hot tub bubbles..I thought these would help to clean the commutator. Back in the tub I went clutching my motors...this was fun. Finally I connected the motors....I was sure I smelled BBQ at that moment, just prior to blacking out.
Waking up in Emerg, I was still clutching my humming motors. Wow, the power. After a week of rehabilitation, where I learned how to walk and talk again, I installed the motors in my car. Well, my nurse did, my hands were too burnt to move. Anyway, 10 skin grafts later, I was able to produce a car that could win, if only my vision would clear up. So have a great week and I will be back with my next super slot car tip soon.
Keep your plunger down.