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Why to install particulate filter diesel

Drivers who operate vehicles that operate on diesel are usually familiar with the problem of particulate matter that results from incomplete combustion of the fuel. This matter is in the form of black carbon (soot). This soot contributes to air pollution and is extremely harmful to our health.

The composition of the soot depends on engine type and specification as well as for how it has been maintained and running. 2 stroke engines produce more soot when compared to 4 stroke engines. The quality of fuel is another factor. Greater content of sulfur means greater amount of soot formed. In order to avoid such emissions, it is important to install diesel particulate filters (DPF). This is a device used to remove the soot from the exhaust gas of the engine. On choosing a good filter, it is possible to reduce such emissions to 0.001g/km or even lesser. Many countries have now made it compulsory to install a proper filter for their vehicles. Emission checks are conducted in order to control air

Criteria of filters

Different vehicles require different types of filters. A DPF filters only the bigger particles and lets only the smaller particles through. Certain types of filters also break these larger particles into smaller ones. However, the basic idea of the filter is the same. The filtration of the DPF should be as fine as possible. It should be inexpensive and affordable. The filter used should be long lasting and cause a minimum pressure drop only. Certain filters are single use. This means that once the filters are filled up, they need to be replaced. Other filters are manufactured which can burn off the soot and can be reused. This process is known as filter regeneration. This is usually done through engine management, fuel catalyst or burner, resistive heating coils, microwave energy, etc.


It is important to clean and maintain your filter regularly. Improper maintenance can cause a soot buildup which will adversely affect the engine. This is because of the high pressure that is formed on the filter. Another effect of this is that the filter itself may be damaged beyond repair.

Models available

There are several models available to be selected based on type of vehicle. Some of these models are Cordierite wall flow filters which are the most commonly used types, silicon carbide wall flow filters, ceramic fiber, metal fiber, paper and partial filters.

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