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Alberta Pro Movers
412 40 Ave NE #1 , Calgary, AB T2E 2M7 Canada
+1 403-879-1506

  • Description:
    Want to have great serviced and self-assurance for your moving process? These are the main things long distance mover in Calgary. As a result, Alberta Pro Movers is the company that guarantees you absolute confidence in your moving process. You just need to sit and wait for your possessions been delivered to your new house.

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  • Reviews:
    " I had to rearrange my move date quite a few times and I am certain it was irritating for the Alberta Pro Movers. Anyway, they kept their welcoming customer service. They were capable to hold my last minute demand with less than 24 hour notice. I highly recommended long distance mover in Calgary for any move! "

    D. Davidson